Top 5 Documentary Movies

Streaming services have been pouring billions of dollars in the original content to satisfy consumer’s lust for new shows and documentaries. The sector is flourishing, thereby providing viewers with hours of binge-watching. A documentary movie is a nonfictional motion picture created to document a few aspects of reality to instruct, educate, and maintain a significant historical record.

A documentary is also described as a film making practice that incorporates a cinematic tradition coupled with a mode of the audience as the reception. The industry of documentaries is vastly evolving without segregated boundaries. Over time, documentaries have also evolved in length. Here are the top 5 documentary movies of the year.

Conversations with a killer

This is an American movie documentary aired in 2019. It was created as well as directed by Mr. Joe Berlinger. The four episodes program was generated from 100 hours of various interviews as well as archival footage of a serial killer known as Ted Bundy.

It also includes a series of interviews with Bundy’s family, friends, law enforcement members, in addition to surviving victims. One of the cases covered included his escape from the county jail to Florida. He stumbled on the Chi Omega sorority house and beat up women.


This is an ideal movie documentary for a major screening of Ms. Liza Mandelup’s work. The jawline is an intimate depiction of the need for insta-fame found in a universe of social media. The documentary may easily fill you with amusement, coupled with an unexpected sadness.

While it’s not a wholly unpleasant situation, it brings some sense of disconnection that easily verges in the world of science-fiction. The hero, in this case, is 16-year-old Austyn Tester. He’s struggling with the various limitations of rural Tennessee, his hometown.

The biggest little farm

If you’ve been an avid reader since childhood, then you understand the passion found in perusing farming books stocked with pigs, sheepdogs, and ducks. You’ll, therefore, love “The Biggest Little Farm”. Not only will it make you happy. It’ll help you to imagine the possibilities of escaping reality and living a different life away from the current technological world filled with the use of the internet. Farming is described as a real economic activity for the people. It also proves to be less rosy.

Leaving Neverland

Leaving Neverland is an explosive HBO movie documentary. It features two men who insist that the late Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, molested them when they were kids. The plot shifts focus to the victims as Jackson wasn’t convicted of assault. Dan Reed, the documentarian, exudes extraordinary star power to influence the boys as well as their families. The two describe their experience in clinical detail. This makes it easy for audiences to watch.

The Proposal

The proposal is Jill Magid’s movie documentary regarding her devotion to trying to liberate various archives of the Mexican architect, Mr. Luis Barragan who wears several faces. Detailing an art project in addition to a rescue mission and a love triangle, the documentary has a serenity that describes its fuming emotions. It mirrors a significant correspondence between Mr. Magid, who is a committed writer, and the archive’s controller – read article on how to make a successful documentary.